Contract Awards

Welcome to the Integrity Commission's Web Portal

Welcome to the Integrity Commission On-line Web Portal.

As the Integrity Commission strives to discharge its lawful mandate pursuant to the Contractor-General Act, it intends to increase the use of Information Technology to support its business processes, in an effort to more effectively and efficiently, capture and analyze data. This On-line Web Portal is one such means by which the Office intends to achieve this objective.

The Integrity Commission On-line Web Portal has been developed to deploy pertinent Contract Award Information, and the Integrity Commission Business Applications to its stakeholders, in one secure and convenient location. The Portal is intended to become one of the primary modes of interface and communication between the Integrity Commission and its Public Body stakeholders.

The first deployed Module of the Portal will facilitate the reporting of Quarterly Contract Award activities by Public Bodies. Given that the development of this Portal is ongoing, stakeholders will be duly informed of any other functionalities of this portal, as required.

The Integrity Commission thanks you for your cooperation.

Please click here to download a copy of the Integrity Commission Web Portal Instructions.